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Sharon is a supportive, empathic and non judgmental therapist, offering healing sessions to suit your needs.

Theta Healing

Discover Theta Healing - a wonderful healing method which leads the development in awareness and holistic healing of the world today.

Theta healing is a simple yet profound healing method that was founded by Vianna Stibal in the USA almost 20 years ago. Vianna experienced instant healing to her cancer and went on to explore and develop this healing method.

Since embarking on my journey as a Theta Healing Master, I have experienced many successful results - healing both physical and emotional issues for myself and others. My great passion is helping couples get pregnant, supporting women through pregnancy and preparing their body mind and spirit for the birth; parenting issues and simply helping you, my client, be happier, more connected to yourself and help you create the bridge between your current situation and the life you want to live.

It is long known of the correlation between our emotions, beliefs and fears to our physical and emotional state. We often suffer from different ailments, physical problems, stress, guilt, unhappiness or any other negative manifestation. Theta healing can help you change all that so you can experience life being in good health, peace, balance and harmony.

What is Theta Healing:
Theta is a brain wave of 4-7 cycles per second, which is a natural state that occurs between being asleep and awake. By learning to achieve this state consciously, the practitioner tunes into the client and facilitates changes in his or her belief systems and physical body. Once experienced, the method is quick to learn and is fascinating to understand. Everything in our life start to 'make sense' and fall into place, and we get an understanding and more control over our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

What is it good for?
    • Physical and health issues
    • Happiness and Calmness
    • A fulfilled Career
    • Good relationships
    • Self worth, Confidence
    • Manifesting Wealth and Abundance
    • Clearing Fears, Phobias and Traumas
    • Fertility Problems
    • Parenting Difficulties
    • Weight issues

Theta Healing is an achievable miracle that everybody can bring into their lives simply and easily.

What can you expect in a session?

A session with me is non intrusive, I am welcoming and very supportive.

During a Theta Healing session we look at what you want to achieve in your life; Then we work together to find out what are the core beliefs that prevent you from achieving that at the moment. You are likely to feel a great relief and receive profound and deep understanding of yourself on the first session of Theta Healing.

Theta healing is a rapid method as it can cut quickly to the core of any issue, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. You can expect changes in your life to occur after one or just a few sessions.

Furthermore, you will become aware of repeating thoughts and behavior patterns, as well as acquire tools to become more relaxed, to control your anger, anxiety or frustration in a healthy way.

One hour session - $150
Half an hour reading - $80
* Free: 30 minutes of free healing for every first session!
Sessions can be done face to face or via Skype/Phone.


Sharon did fantastic work with me to get me well from a severe virus, originally diagnosed as Ross River virus. Sharon is amazingly intuitive, and a great communicator. Through her theta work, she was able to target the specific areas of illness that were affecting me, and we worked together to find the associated circumstances and clear the issues that were contributing to making me ill. Sharon combines her theta healing with advice from Chinese herbal medicine and some practical tasks that all contributed to me getting better much more quickly than expected. She is very caring and gentle in her approach, and I felt great confidence in Sharon and her abilities. The fact that she did her three healing sessions with me by phone was even more amazing! I would definitely go to Sharon again in the event of any other illness.
Brid Morahan, Newcastle NSW (November 2013)

"Sharon is an incredible intuitive healer. She is patient and kind and you can feel the genuine love and warmth exuding from her. I have had numerous sessions with Sharon and she always gets to the deep issues and clears them with ease. She truly is an amazing healer."
G. M.
Complaint Manager

Anxiety issues

I am a client of Sharon Shulman from Victoria and she is sorely missed here. She is a professional, friendly practitioner with a warm heart and welcoming smile. At once Sharon puts you at ease and carefully explains what you can expect from a therapy session. I can recommend the sand-play therapy for people who may be holding onto something from their past that they are unclear about.

My time with Sharon involved Reiki and counselling including sand-play therapy. I found the sessions to be relaxing and beneficial, with my high stress levels being reduced.

Sharon's caring nature and wonderful energy make one feel 'at home' and I highly recommend her as a therapist for both adults and children, professionals and those of you just needing some 'time out' from the stresses of everyday life.


Claire-Rosina Dulloo

Career change

Dear Sharon,

I enjoy receiving your treatments. Thank you for your professional manner.
You are blessed with a sharp intuition and the ability to see the whole picture and pinpoint the main issues for me. You have a wonderful ability which helped help me see things more clearly, go through self development and make real changes in my life.
Your ability to combine between intuitive reading, channeling, Reiki, Theta healing and therapeutic abilities of listening and empathy allowed me to go through breakthroughs in my life, and to progress beyond the difficulties - to create a new and different reality for myself.
When it was hard for me, you were always there with me, believing in me, never giving up.

Thank you,

Liron Dolev
Life and Parents Coach

Chronic Health Issue

It was great to receive Theta Healing sessions from you. You are so committed to what you do. I think you are an amazing healer and you’re very wise, generous, sensitive and intuitive!!
Thank you,
Arbel Morduch
Speech Therapist

Conceiving a child

I received theta healing sessions from Sharon in difficult and stressful times for me, during IVF treatments. Sharon was very generous and caring, and the successful results were quick to come. I started a magical 9 months journey and now I am at the end of it, expecting the near future, being relaxed and open for next stage in my life.
Sharon's warm words, professional manner and empathy are the tools for her success.
Thank you for your continuous support and for showing me the light along my path.
Zarina Blat, Sydney

What did people say about the Theta Healing Basic course:

"Words are not enough to describe the wisdom, love, power and magic of Theta Healing. I have completed the Basic Course two days ago.
Theta Healing is a precise and applicable method that can perform a real, measurable change and bring healing to any person’s life in different area.
I can write many words about how great the course is however it is best to experience it.
I warmly recommend it to anybody who wishes to improve their life and their family’s life.
There is a great chance that you wouldn't stop thanking yourself once you do it..".

"Sharon is an amazing, sensitive and talented healer. I have learnt the Basic course she taught and experienced Theta Healing with her - I warmly recommend her as a healer and teacher. "

"I have tried many modalities as a professional holistic therapist.
Theta Healing, which is thought by Sharon with so much empathy and love, is the shortest way I have ever encountered by now to create a change in one’s life.
The method is amazing, very practical and covers various areas of life – it is suitable for everybody! There is no need for any previous knowledge.
As I said at the end of the course – when Theta Healing is thought to children at school the world will become a much better place.
Sharon is a fantastic teacher who knows how to simplify the material and make it accessible to everybody. She has a dedication and passion to empower her students and clients.
Taking this course was a blessed experience and a great privilege for me."

Upcoming courses and events::

Theta Healing Basic Course

Become a Theta Healing practitioner!

Join us on a journey that will empower you and teach you how to:
• Be all that you can be
• Identify, recognize and change beliefs that restrict and prevent you from moving forward in life
• Achieve your goals.
• Work with your subconscious to bring change and healing to every area in your life – so you can create the future the way you want it, experiencing health, abundance, love and happiness.

This course will provide you with the foundation, knowledge and tools of Theta Healing - an exciting, life changing healing modality. You will learn this powerful, gentle and loving technique in three full days, which are informative and practical, with 75% of the time dedicated to practical exercises.

The Theta Healing Basic course is an easy and fun experience that will surprise you with its depth and life changing impact. You will learn about the true power of your thoughts, words and actions and how they are constantly creating your life.

During this course you will learn how to apply powerful healing exercises to yourself and to others and experience personal healing on a very deep level. You will receive a course manual, the Theta Healing book, and upon completion will become a Certified Theta Healing Basic Practitioner.

Basic course investment: $550 including a $100 deposit to secure your place in the course.

Basic Course date: 30/8-1/9
Time: 9:30-5:30
Location: Malabar (Eastern Suburbs)

Theta Healing Advanced Course

I will be teaching the Advanced Theta Healing ® Course in Chifley on Tuesday-Thursday, 6th-8th August 2013.

This course is designed to expand on the knowledge gained in the Basic Class and to give you a greater depth of understanding of Theta Healing®. It will allow you to take your abilities to the next level so you can use this wonderful healing technique confidently in every area of your life.

In this class you will receive hundreds of downloads including many new and positive feelings to fast track your intuition and healing abilities. These downloads will allow you to experience a profound healing and will make an impact on your connection to Creator.

During the class you will gain an in-depth understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence that surround us and experience connecting to each of the planes; you will learn how to clear old resentments, regrets, vows and commitments that hold you back;

The advanced digging work and new exercises will allow you to facilitate and experience personal healing.

Theta healing® is a loving, effective and instantaneous technique – I invite you to take the next step and advance your abilities, so you can move forward in achieving your goals and desires.


Advanced Theta Healing® will take you on a fun, exciting and magical journey that includes:

• Receiving hundreds of life enhancing downloads
• Learn the expansion technique to connect with Creator and
experience oneness
• Advanced healing, digging and beliefs work
• Clear more limiting beliefs and fears to lift your vibration to a higher awareness
• Releasing and resolving rejection, resentment and regret
• Learning to work with the different 7 Planes of existence
• Releasing negative vows and commitments that may block us
• Connecting and working with plants and crystals
• Releasing free floating memories (memories stored in the subconscious whilst in a state of trauma or unconsciousness
• Repairing the broken soul
• Connecting with our beloved ancestors or pets who passed over
• Learning to connect to our higher self
• Mastering time
• Learning to send love to the baby in the womb

DATE: Tuesday, 6th August – Thursday, 8th August
VENUE: Chifley (Eastern Suburbs)
TIME: Tuesday and Wednesday: 09.30 – 17:30; Thursday: 09:30 – 14:30
INVESTMENT: $100 deposit + $495
Please contact me for payment plans and scholarship options

Class includes: The Advanced Theta Healing book by Vianna Stibal, Class Manual and an Advanced Theta Healing® Practitioner certificate from the THInK Institute.

Special offer: A free one-on-one session with Sharon, valued at $110 for each participant!

Note: **The advanced course is a pre-requisite to the other Theta Healing Courses, such as Vianna’s Teacher’s courses in November (during her visit to Sydney), Manifesting & Abundance and Intuitive Anatomy.

If you have any further questions, feel free to call me.
Looking forward to seeing you there!


    Theta Healing Master
    Reiki Master
    Dip Professional counselling
    Dip Art Therapy
    Quantum Being Therapist

    Other qualifications:
    BA (Hons) Communications
    MBA (Hons) Master of Business Admin

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