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Sharon Shulman
1 Mona Vale Rd
St Ives 2075
0403 505 816
Upper North Shore
Join me for an enlightening journey, get to know yourself better and get the answers and tools to create the change you desire in your life.


During the counselling session you will be provided with the opportunity to express your thoughts, emotions and feelings in a supportive, confidential environment.

Throughout this process you will be encouraged, supported and empowered to look at yourself and the circumstances in your life from a different perspective. The aim is not only to help you cope with a current issue or crisis, but to do so in a way that produces learning for the future, so you can feel more in charge of your life.

Being highly intuitive, I can help you pinpoint the underlying issues for a quick relief and to promote change.

Counselling can be used for a wide variety of issues, such as: stress and worries, relationship difficulties, weight issues, parenting skills, career change, chronic health problems, spiritual growth and much more. Don't be discouraged, relief is at hand.

Art Therapy

If you feel blocked or lost, art therapy can be used to help you find your answers within.

It is an enjoyable, insightful tool that is suitable for everybody. No experience or talent is necessary. The art is used as a communication tool to the side of the brain where our emotions and beliefs are stored. You may be surprised by what your creation tells you; sometimes the problem we have is just a manifestation of deeper issues that ask to be acknowledged and resolved.

Sand Play Therapy

Sand play therapy provides you with a clear picture of your inner world, conflicts and relationships with significant others. This technique is especially useful for children as they get to play their life and inner world in a small sand tray using little figurines. It facilitates a gentle conversation which allows the child or adult to release stress and anxieties and find practical solutions to different issues in our lives.

The ‘sand world’ you create corresponds to different dimensions of your reality. The miniature objects represent people, ideas, situations and feelings, and are there to facilitate your expression and communication with different aspects of yourself and others in your life.

In a recent Australian review of expressive therapies used by a small sample of school guidance counsellors, it was reported that sand play therapy was found to be the most helpful modality from the expressive therapies in achieving positive outcomes for students. It was also reported to be the technique most favoured by child clients (Pearson, 2003).

I have experience working with the following:
support during times of change
Fertility issue
Working with children (using art therapy and sand play)
Anxiety and stress
Weight management
Chronic and other health issues
Spiritual growth life purpose
Stress during pregnancy, Preparation for birth
Parenting and relationship issues

One hour session - $150
Half an hour intuitive reading - $80

* Free: 30 minutes of free healing for every first one hour session!
Sessions can be done in a clinic or via Skype/Phone.


Sharon did fantastic work with me to get me well from a severe virus, originally diagnosed as Ross River virus. Sharon is amazingly intuitive, and a great communicator. Through her theta work, she was able to target the specific areas of illness that were affecting me, and we worked together to find the associated circumstances and clear the issues that were contributing to making me ill. Sharon combines her theta healing with advice from Chinese herbal medicine and some practical tasks that all contributed to me getting better much more quickly than expected. She is very caring and gentle in her approach, and I felt great confidence in Sharon and her abilities. The fact that she did her three healing sessions with me by phone was even more amazing! I would definitely go to Sharon again in the event of any other illness.
Brid Morahan, Newcastle NSW (November 2013)

Anxiety issues
I am a client of Sharon Shulman from Victoria and she is sorely missed here. She is a professional, friendly practitioner with a warm heart and welcoming smile. At once Sharon puts you at ease and carefully explains what you can expect from a therapy session. I can recommend the sand-play therapy for people who may be holding onto something from their past that they are unclear about.

My time with Sharon involved Reiki and counselling including sand-play therapy. I found the sessions to be relaxing and beneficial, with my high stress levels being reduced.

Sharon's caring nature and wonderful energy make one feel 'at home' and I highly recommend her as a therapist for both adults and children, professionals and those of you just needing some 'time out' from the stresses of everyday life.


Claire-Rosina Dulloo

Career change
Dear Sharon,

I enjoy receiving your treatments. Thank you for your professional manner.
You are blessed with a sharp intuition and the ability to see the whole picture and pinpoint the main issues for me. You have a wonderful ability which helped help me see things more clearly, go through self development and make real changes in my life.
Your ability to combine between intuitive reading, channeling, Reiki, Theta healing and therapeutic abilities of listening and empathy allowed me to go through breakthroughs in my life, and to progress beyond the difficulties - to create a new and different reality for myself.
When it was hard for me, you were always there with me, believing in me, never giving up.

Thank you,

Liron Dolev
Life and Parents Coach

Chronic Health Issue
It was great to receive Theta Healing sessions from you. You are so committed to what you do. I think you are an amazing healer and you’re very wise, generous, sensitive and intuitive!!
Thank you,
Arbel Morduch
Speech Therapist

Conceiving a child
I received theta healing sessions from Sharon in difficult and stressful times for me, during IVF treatments. Sharon was very generous and caring, and the successful results were quick to come. I started a magical 9 months journey and now I am at the end of it, expecting the near future, being relaxed and open for next stage in my life.
Sharon's warm words, professional manner and empathy are the tools for her success.
Thank you for your continuous support and for showing me the light along my path.
Zarina Blat, Sydney

Sharon is an incredible intuitive healer. She is patient and kind and you can feel the genuine love and warmth exuding from her. I have had numerous sessions with Sharon and she always gets to the deep issues and clears them with ease. She truly is an amazing healer.
G. M.
Complaint Manager

Dear Sharon
Thank you so much for my session today - it was truly AMAZING!
So lovely to meet you - you're an amazing practitioner and an inspiration ;)
Look forward to the next time
Ingrid M. Sydney


    BA (Hons) Communications
    MBA (Hons) Master of Business Admin
    Dip. Professional Counselling
    Dip. Transpersonal Art Therapy
    Reiki Master
    Theta Healing Master - Instructor and Practitioner
    Quantum Being therapist

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