About Me

1 Mona Vale Rd
St Ives 2075
0403 505 816
Hello and Welcome.

My name is Sharon Shulman and I am a healer, teacher and counselor. I help people who wish to create a change in their lives by using a variety of healing methods, in an empathic, loving and non judgmental environment.

I started my journey as a healer and teacher on 2003 following a successful business and marketing career. I felt that I am not satisfied and following the birth of my first child I embarked on a healing and learning journey. When I found my true calling my heart was filled with joy and excitement. I feel blessed when I can help my clients and students go through the change they yearn for in their lives and when assist them in their spiritual growth.

I have been studying and practicing a variety of healing modality. I am a Reiki Master, a transpersonal art therapist, a counselor, a Theta Healing Master and a Quantum Being practitioner. My intuition has been developing immensely throughout the years and I enjoy the help of the spirit and angelic realm when healing and teaching.

I believe that we are all worthy of unconditional love and compassion and that we are all creating our lives to the best of our abilities. Sometimes we need a guiding hand and clarity so we can remove the clouds that are blocking us from being all that we can be. It is my honor and pleasure to be this helping hand.

Please contact me on sharon@ipdo.com.au for further details and to learn how I can help you.

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